Sundays 10:00am - Noon PDT/PST

October 17- November 21, 2021

Fundamentals of Mindful Attention

A Six-week Introductory Course

This six-week introductory training in mindfulness will teach you to develop a focused and embodied attention, self awareness, emotional intelligence, and greater sense of ease and well being. You will learn a variety of mindfulness meditations and practical ways to integrate mindfulness into daily activities at work, home and in relationships.

Some of what we’ll cover includes:

  • Training in meditation, developing awareness of breath, body, feelings and thoughts.
  • Managing stress and learning how to shift from reaction to response.
  • Recognizing and letting go of unhelpful habitual thoughts and mind states.
  • Exploring, understanding, and working with a range of emotional experiences


Who is this course for?

Perfect for those new to mindfulness and anyone wanting to refresh their practice by revisiting the foundations with a beginner's mind, this course is a great way to start or recommit to a mindfulness practice with guidance and support over a period of weeks while you work to incorporate mindfulness in your daily routines and way of life.

What will it be like?

Offered in a live, interactive format online via Zoom, the course will consist of six 2-hour classes. Class size will be limited to allow for the best learning experience. Each week we will explore a new theme of mindfulness through short talks, guided meditations, interactive exercises, discussion, and plenty of room for questions and answers.

What am I committing to?

In addition to attending the live class sessions, participants commit to a home practice in between sessions. Regular (ideally daily) practice is more important than the length. Support materials, including guided meditations and short readings, will be provided via an online virtual classroom to help you integrate the lessons into meditation and life.

How much does it cost?

The course is offered on a sliding scale from $250-$100.
The sliding scale invites you to ‘pay what you can afford’ to make it as accessible as possible, and to invite those with greater means to support those who may currently have less ability to pay. Please consider paying at the highest level you can afford. If the fees are prohibitive for you, please contact Karen for options.

For questions, contact Karen:

Phone: 916-572-8859


Health and Happiness Through the Stillness Within