Health and Happiness Through the Stillness Within


Well, maybe a lot of little “somethings”. After finishing college and establishing a corporate career, I was overwhelmed with stress and felt like there was still something missing in my life, even though I had accomplished what I set out to do. I struggled with a lack of clear personal identity and had a negative opinion about myself and the world which often fed a roller coaster of emotions which sometimes spiraled into depression.


Something just wasn't right...

Over time, I came to realize that what I was craving was deep healing from a painful past of spiritual disillusionment. My relationship with myself was broken, and so was my connection with All That Is.

Through ongoing study and a daily practice of deep healing meditation, my world has completely shifted. Mindfulness and Reiki practice have taught me skills to navigate daily stresses and understand the mind/body connection in ways I never thought possible. I spent 5 years in self-healing, getting to know myself deeply by peeling back each layer of myself and allowing my mind and body to keep coming back to balance, again and again. 

Reiki has become not only a path of healing for me, but a spiritual path as well. 

Komyo ReikiDo (The Way to Enlightenment through Spiritual Energy) teaches that we must heal ourselves first before we can help others, but that by following this path diligently, our ability to assist others in their healing is a natural outgrowth of the practice. 

Reiki and Mindfulness were so transformational in my life, I didn’t want to keep it to myself!

By 2015, it was time. I opened Stillness Healing Arts to share the gift of Reiki and Mindfulness Meditation with others. I’ve helped individuals with anxiety, grief, emotional distress, physical pain, illness, and more. Regardless of why they walk in the door, they are tired of the status quo and looking for more ease in their lives. I help bring them back into energetic balance which brings healing of mind, body, and spirit. I teach them practical mindfulness techniques that can help them learn to calm the mind and see things with more clarity. It is my deep belief that we all have within us the ability to heal ourselves. Sometimes we just need a little guidance. I certainly did! And now I’m here to help you, too!

When my stress started to manifest as physical pain, I turned to meditation.

Because of the peaceful calm I experienced, I always came back to meditation since first experiencing it as a curious teenager. But this time, I was looking for answers. After several months of diving inward, I felt like I needed something more. In 2010, I was drawn to learn Komyo Reiki with Lisa Chapman-Sorci. I began studying mindfulness meditation with her as well, and the two practices opened me up to a path of healing. Of course, I have quite an analytical mind, and it wanted all this to make logical sense! Learning about the growing body of scientific research in areas such as neuroscience and quantum physics helped put any skepticism I had at ease as I started to see concrete results in my life.